Bills Team Store Is Selling Hats Featuring Patriots Logo On Back




Imagine you went to last night’s Bills preseason game. You get to the stadium and figure it’s time for an upgrade in the hat department. Of course that means a stop at the official Bills team store. There it is, the perfect Bills hat. The price is a little steep — $28 for a lid — but you’re a season ticket holder who drives three hours for games so you don’t mind dropping the cash.

That’s the story BC reader Joe Schieve (@dnick55) shared with me this morning. The big news here is that he got a Bills error hat. He got a combo Bills/Patriots hat FROM THE BILLS TEAM STORE. It’s not like Joe got ripped off by some vendor selling Chinese knockoffs outside Ralph Wilson. The error hat came straight from the Bills.





Joe tells me that the hat was Made in China so there you go. Would you pay an extra $5 per hat if the hat was made in your NFL city and had the correct logo on the hat? I would.


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