Finebaum Already Destroying The SEC Network Set




Early review of the SEC Network’s #1 crew:

Joe Tessitore: A real pro’s pro; the glue of the group. Tess is the kind of guy that Fox Sports 1 wishes they could hire to lead its college football coverage. Instead they went out a year ago and hired Erin Andrews to be the host of the FS1 CFB show. Fail.

Tim Tebow: Uses “kid” too much; still talks too fast. His analyzing skills are improving. Needs to stop saying things just to heap praise on a program. He said during the SEC Nation show before the A&M-South Carolina game that that 2014 Gamecocks defense would be better than the 2013 defense. Yeah, that was completely wrong.

Marcus Spears: The guy is pretty much a competitive eater. You send his ass into any SEC city and he’s going to chow his way around town. Now I want to eat with the guy and talk food. Also, he needs a giant air conditioner; he’s a sweater.

Finebaum: Has been working out; already broke the set. He’s Finebaum. That means he’s going to say things to troll contradict Tebow, but he’s not mean about it. The guy might troll now and then, but he’s sincere about it. Will he be in this spot a year from now? Probably not, but he’ll be fine for this season.

Kaylee Hartung: Has stardom in her future; Handles interviews like a pro; Seems fun without being annoying like some sideline reporters. The thing about Hartung is that she doesn’t have to be the superstar here. She just has to blend in because all eyes are on Tebow. The play here is to just go about her business and stay fresh all the way to the SEC Championship.

Overall analysis after the first night: I’m really liking the SEC Nation show. It’s trying to mirror the GameDay experience without being GameDay. I’m excited to see what happens when fans start making Tebow signs and realize they can get on TV. The crowds are going to grow and there’s going to be a week (LSU at Auburn on Aug. 5?) when GameDay is on the West Coast and SEC Nation rolls into an excellent environment. That’s when things are going to get good. You let LSU fans that close to Tebow and something’s going to happen.

Overall grade after the first night: B


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