South Carolina Fans Chanting “F – – k The Aggies” Last Night At The State House




It’s good to see the SEC get things started in 2014 with a nice heated situation last night in Columbia, South Carolina where the Texas A&M Yell Leaders walked up the steps and led Aggies fans in their chants. As you can hear, South Carolina fans didn’t exactly like A&M bros disrespecting their territory with this display of provocation.

Of course they went with a simple f-bomb chant.

Annnnnd that set off a shitstorm with Twitter media who have virgin ears.


A&M trying to get this started, and the USC students start chanting “F— the Aggies.” One Ag just shakes his head. “Such trash,” he says.

— David Caraviello (@dcaraviello) August 28, 2014


I appreciate how both sides handled last night. I LOVE that A&M walked into town and figured there was no better place to do the yell practice than on the steps of the state house. On the other hand, I respect Cocks fan for dropping f-bombs. LOVE IT. This is the SEC. If you’re too much of a pussy to handle a few f-bombs while you’re yelling on South Carolina property, then go back to the Big 12. This is big boy football.

Both sides are calling each other classless and this is good. It’s good for pageviews. It’s good for the SEC Network. It’s great for Twitter RTs. It’s great for Facebook shares. It’s great for TV. This is exactly how college football should get started: pissed off fans just ready to tear each other’s heads off.


A&M yell leader on mic. Says the best thing about being in Columbia is that he “can drive 3 hours in any direction and be in another state.”

— Rixon Lane (@FastLaneSports) August 28, 2014

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