Johnny Manziel Snickers Commercial Grade: C



I give Snickers credit for getting in early on the Johnny Manziel endorsement train before Red Bull could get their hands on Party Boy. The bad news here is that they have a backup QB who can’t hit a wide receiver in the numbers…in stride…with a pass…endorsing the brand.

As for the commercial, it’s not bad or great. It’s average.

Sure, the shock value is Johnny playing the part of a gay aerobics instructor. Wait until the Twitter police get fired up over Snickers using a stereotype. The gayness is a solid hook and then they have a 55-year-old o-lineman walk in to give John a Snickers. Of course there weren’t any memorable Browns players available to play the part. Average. Just average.

I assume Snickers won’t start running this on CBS or Fox until Week 4 when Manziel is starting.


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