Pee Wee Defense Is Complete Garbage These Days — TACKLE SOMEBODY!




Where do I start? I SAID WHERE DO I START?

Do I start with the linebacker (#45) trying to tackle up high on the crafty read-option QB? What about #20 completely grabbing air? Or #55 looking like he’s never tackled before? Or #4 not keeping contain? #20 even gets another opportunity to make a tackle and whiffs.

Look, what happened to the days in pee wee football when kids actually tackled? Are the Little League right fielders all now on defense because that’s where all the worthless kids play because defense is now worthless and it’s just a place to put a kid to keep his parents happy?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Football defense from the NFL to pee wee is worthless. If you’re not scoring 60, you’re not playing football. It’s a new era where you hope the offense either throws an INT or fumbles. Otherwise you just let the QB run all over your ass.

That’s football in 2014.

Here’s the video in case you want to hear the play-by-play call. This is Joe Buck-esque.


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