Angel Stadium Security Not Really Wanting To Stop This Fan Fight



I’m not sure how this one got past me in late July, but it needs to be addressed for a couple reason. First, it has been an incredibly quiet year for baseball fan fights. In 2010-11 you couldn’t go longer than 36 hours without a new baseball fan fight video popping up on YouTube. Second, how about the display of security from security at Angel Stadium?

Don’t even concentrate on the younger dude taking a swing on tubby Angels fan. Keep an eye on the black dude working security. He’s like, fuck this shit, I’m not getting paid enough to get in the middle of some wild bro throwing haymakers. We know that, in 2009, security officers at Dodgers Stadium made $10.90 an hour. One can assume that wages haven’t climbed much in five years.

Then we have the 400 pounder strolling down the steps to break shit up and he’s moving like a snail. He doesn’t want anything to do with this shit.

What’s it like working security at a sporting event full of drunks wanting to fight? From

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