Amanda Dufner Pool Photo Grade: A+




Amanda Dufner is thinking the same exact thing I’ve been thinking over the last week. My ass has been in the pool either at night or on my lunch break. In six weeks 75% of the country will start bitching about it being cold or that there is a brisk autumn breeze. So take advantage of the warmth right now. Get to your pool. Put on a bikini. Take ass shots and post them on IG (aduff99). Don’t waste time. It will be cold before you know it and you’ll be wearing a hoodie and drinking Fireball.

There are two wives in the world of sports right now who don’t get a ton of attention, but completely understand how to turn a boring day without football into a day to pick up IG followers. Dufner went with the ass shot while four days ago Kim DeJesus took the Ice Bucket Challenge in the middle of a dark restaurant. This is exactly what we want out of athlete wives. You have two jobs: stay hot and be interesting. Both are on top of the game right now.

Kudos to both.