2014 NFL WAGs You Need to Know


2014 NFL WAGs You Need to Know2

In 2013, the NFL witnessed more drama and excitement than Tom Cruise at an Ihop during a pancake shortage.

From the unbelievable scoring in the AFC to the unreal defenses on the West Coast in the NFC, it was a season oozing in best moments. What would have happened if Richard Sherman and Erin Andrews never met?

That was then. This is 2014. A new ERA is about to begin thanks to all the loads of talent coming from college.

No, we aren’t talking about Johnny Manziel. But we can thank him because he appears to be the leading candidate to bring more WAGs onto the radar than ever before. Dude might be a spoiled little bitch but he always has┬áthe most beautiful women with him.

So without any more fluff, let us begin the list of the sexiest WAGs of the NFL you might not have heard of yet or have heard but aren’t sure from where. Or maybe you just got out of prison and have no clue what the shit we are talking about.