Detroit Lions Wives & Girlfriends Club Welcomes Marissa Van Noy





There is good news and bad news for the Detroit Lions Wives and Girlfriend Club, which is run by our old friend Kelly Hall. The club gained the prowess of Marissa Van Noy, wife of second round draft pick Kyle Van Noy, but he might be lost to a sports hernia injury.

Marissa made her Detroit debut on Saturday and posed with her new club members in a suite at Ford Field. This signing of Van Noy instantly takes the Lions WAG club to the level of the Dolphins and 49ers WAG clubs. You put Marissa, who was Miss Utah 2013, with Hall and you have a power 1-2 combo who can go up against Lauren Tannehill and Kara Conard.

But the bad news is that a sports hernia injury would mean Kyle would miss 4-6 weeks.

“I’m not too sure what the case may be, but that is a concern,” Van Noy said. “Any injury is a concern to me. You always want to be healthy, so that’d be pretty concerning.”

Coach Jim Caldwell was noncommital when asked whether there’s concern this is a long-term injury.

“He still has an evaluation to go through,” Caldwell said. “So (the doctors will) make a determination on the length of time and those kinds of things here in the near future.”

Still, Marissa is onboard and the Lions WAG club becomes an instant weekly story.

[photos via Marissa Van Noy – IG]

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