N-F-L Really Does Stand For No Fun League [Screencap]

From this preseason, we’ve already found out that the NFL really frowns upon goal post dunking and middle finger waving. Jimmy Graham and Johnny Manziel’s fines (but particularly Graham’s) have sparked a discussion about how absurdly strict the NFL’s rules have become.

Today, Sportscenter ran a segment outlining every everything the NFL deems “unsportsmanlike.” Take a look:

NO Fun League

To recap, you can’t do any of these things on an NFL field:

  • sack dances
  • home run swing
  • “Incredible hulk”
  • spiking the ball
  • spinning the ball
  • throwing the ball
  • throwing or shoving the ball
  • pointing
  • pointing the ball
  • verbal taunting
  • military salute
  • standing over opponent
  • dancing

And that’s right. The words “Incredible Hulk” are in the official NFL rulebook. 

C’mon Goodell. You can’t act like a friend of flashiness during the draft and then go behind everyone’s backs and ban anything that makes the game fun. Seriously, once you go on national television and do this…

…you no longer have the right to ban dancing or incredible hulking.