Michael Sam Sacked Johnny Manziel, And Now This Random Twitter Guy Owes The Entire World Drinks


Well, this story just about sums up the Internet as we know it. On Saturday morning a random guy on Twitter who goes by “@SquareKnight” tweeted out this:

As it just so happened, Michael Sam did exactly that. In the fourth quarter, the rookie DE beat his man around the corner, sacked Manziel, and did the money celebration right in his grill. Amazing!

One more look at the money sign: SquareNight was pumped: 

But then reality began to set in:

Night soon had to admit that he couldn’t follow through on his promise to the world. What an IDIOT! 

All through last night, he was outright abused by angry Twitter folk, prompting this plea for mercy:

A lesson for all. Don’t go on Twitter and promise the world something that you can’t deliver on.

Try to be more Internet-flaky SquareKnight – you can’t.

H/T to Bleacher Report

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