The Greatest Alabama Fan Trailer I’ve Ever Seen




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I’ve seen a few Alabama houses over the 6+ years since I started Busted Coverage. The best Alabama residence I’ve ever seen popped on my screen this morning via @tpnolefan1. That trailer really exists in Jacksonville, Florida. My initial reaction was that this had to be one of those artist installations where an artist depicts a Bama fan’s trailer. It’s not. This is actually where a Bama lives, bathes (maybe), eats dinner and sleeps. You are looking at the greatest Alabama fan’s trailer and I’m not sure there’s even a competitor. 

The highlights:

1. There is zero chance Bama fan is using that recycling can. ZE-RO. He loads his 1978 Ford F-150 with aluminum cans once a month and goes recyclin’. The stuff that he can’t burn goes into the one with the blue lid. Recyclin’ is for the Big Ten.

2. Requisite Bama BCS flag. Nothing looks better with the stars & stripes than the latest Bama BCS Championship flag. Patriot.

3. Central air for those humid Jacksonville nights. Sleeps on the couch to really enjoy the air.

4. That spray paint reads: “Home of a Crimson Tide”

5. Landscape lighting so you don’t run the F-150 into the yard.

6. I believe that’s a “Championship Drive” sign.

7. DIRECTV dish attached to the mail box.

8. Tree art.

9. The man cave. Look closely. You’ll see one of the Bama fans sitting on a couch watching TV. The best part about this man cave is that you can take a piss and never get off the couch. It’ll just dry in the dirt.

10. A Roll Tide plate hanging from the arch. It’s the same thing as a “Welcome” sign. Lovely touch to any Bama trailer.

Now, there are plenty of other items that could’ve been pointed out like the deck chairs, the flower pot trying to hide the trailer dirt, the barrels probably hiding bodies, the need for three USA flags, etc. Play your own game with your friends.


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