Buy This Tricked Out Custom Bears RV — Buy It Now $55,000!




If you’re just now planning now on how to consume the 2014 football season, you’re already too late. True fans have already schemed out their dual-60 inch Samsung LEDs and have long ago told loved ones that’ll they won’t be missed on Sundays.

Fret not slackers, you’re in luck! I’ve come across this gem on eBay for you to fully appreciate the season properly while concurrently embarrassing all your loved ones more so than being a Bears fan already does.

The first question everyone asks when they go on eBay is the condition of the item:

item condition:Used
“Good Condition. Made to party, tailgate, or tour. Fantastic value. Strong runner, mechanically

Strong, mechanical runner sounds a lot like Matt Forte, but as with all Bears running backs, they wear out in two years.

This bad boy comes outfitted with the latest in 2006 RV amenities, or when the last time the Bears was relevant. When you read through the eBay posting, it becomes apparent that the aptly named seller, “overserved44,” must either be a used car salesman, an Obama voter, or both.

Full Commercial Conversion 2006
Base for Conversion-1987 MCI 9 Vin-1M89CM7A4HP041353
NO CDL Needed-Tagged as RV (over 15 passengers, driver needs passenger endorsement)
This is not a bus or RV, this is a Commercial Motor Coach-It IS Easy to Drive
622,430 original miles on frame/body, 23,000 since 2006 Conversion. This is a minimum 1M mile chassis if commercially used.
Factory rebuilt 6V92 Detroit Diesel and Allison 4-speed auto transmission in 2004. Under 100K since the rebuild. This engine has at least 400K miles left in it.
I purchased in March 2012, had it fully gone over and serviced, and have put under 4300 Miles on it.
Turbo completely rebuilt and all lines serviced (Aug 2014) 6K value.
1850 hours on the Onan Diesel generator (Serviced March 2012)
New brakes & stainless steel simulators all the way around. New brakes on Drive Axle & Tag.
Custom Dual Exhaust system with 7″ stacks out the back.
4 Semi truck air horns

This motorized ragedome can be all yours for the low bid of $44,000 or for just about a year at the University of Chicago. College education or becoming the envy of Solider Field, Bears fans? If the Bears still believe that Jay Cutler can do more than just throw up junk stats, I think I know the answer.

This is what most intriguing me:

Currently wrapped in Chicago Bears (Sept 2012-Value $10,000)
I am offering a free wrap to the new owner at NO charge!!!!!
Wrap it in anything you want. If you want to keep the Bears, we’ll change it one time for you over the next (4) years!!!

This guy is saving you $10K right off the top so you know he’s a winner. But overserved44, I think I’ll take you up on that offer. This is the type of wrap I was thinking of.


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