NFL Great Gary Clark To Lingerie Ref: “I’ll F**k You Up”



Here we go again with NFL legend Gary Clark losing his mind during a Lingerie Football League game.

According to the LFL press division:

Gary Clark allows the frusteration [SIC] of losing to the Omaha Heart 19-12 and being eliminated from the Playoffs get to him as he explodes on the LFL officiating crew.

Can’t watch videos at work because your IT department is filled with assholes who cry about bandwidth? Let me help you with this one.

“Fuckin’ home cookin. This is some home cookin’ shit.”

“This is fuckin’ bullshit.”

“Y’all motherfuckers are sandlot.”

The more I think about it, the more I want to blog for Gary Clark. I’d go to war with this guy. I’d pound out 25 A+ blogs for the legend if he stood up for me like this.


(Getty images/Rick Stewart)

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