LOL! Michigan Selling Football Tickets On Living Social



Remember a couple weeks ago when we laughed at LSU for selling SEC game tickets on Living Social? Michigan is now trying to unload tickets to a terrible game on Living Social because fans don’t want to give up their Labor Day weekend Saturday to see the Wolverines possibly lose to Appalachian State – AGAIN. This, as I said in the LSU post, is the new era of college football when major programs can’t sell tickets and fans have the option of watching games on giant 65″ TVs at home or at a bar like Tilted Kilt.

And student ticket sales are down. Michigan, which sold 21,000 season student tickets in 2012, is projected to sell 13,000-14,000 this year. John U. Bacon wrote a detailed report earlier this year for ThePostGame on what is going on at the school and why more students aren’t soaking up tickets.

Dave Brandon, the former Domino’s Pizza CEO-turned-Michigan athletic director, has often cited the difficulty of using cell phones at Michigan Stadium as “the biggest challenge we have.” But when Michigan students were asked in a recent survey to rank seven factors that would influence their decision to buy season tickets, cell-phone coverage was seventh — dead last.

What did they rank first? Being able to sit with their friends.

But Brandon did away with that last year, with a new student seating seating policy. Instead of seating the students by class — with the freshmen in the end zone and the seniors toward the 50, as Michigan had done for decades — last year it was first come, first served. If you wanted to sit together, you had to walk in together. (They also raised the price from $195 for six games in 2013 to $295 for seven games.)

So the school has plenty of tickets to sell on Living Social. The downer is that they just can’t sell the tickets. There has to be a package deal to make Living Social members feel special.

• Hot dog

• Program

• T-shirt

• One beverage

All that for … only: $65 (it was $69 when this deal first hit the Internet)

Michigan likes to hang its hat on the fact that it can fill the massive 109,901 stadium. Facts like this are thrown around.

Through the 2013 season, the Wolverines have played 251 consecutive home games in front of crowds in excess of 100,000.

That streak will probably roll on through this year, but that App. State game will look ugly on TV. A school doesn’t sell tickets on Living Social unless they literally need to beg people to buy said tickets. It’s pretty much humiliation. You know who isn’t selling any tickets on Living Social? Ohio State.