LOL! Living Social Selling Oklahoma State-Florida State Tickets


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Guess where ESPN GameDay is opening its 2014 road trip? Dallas/Fort Worth. They’ll be in town for that HUGE Oklahoma State-Florida State game that will be broadcast that Saturday night from Jerry’s World. That’s big, right? That means it’s going to be a big deal, right?



Living Social is trying to sell tickets. Key word: trying. You can see the numbers. The Oklahoman reported August 4 that the site was selling tickets, saying that the Cowboys sold their allotment of 8,000 tickets, plus a few more. These tickets on Living Social are just general seats that the locals are usually responsible for snapping up. The bad news for college football is that nobody really wants to go to the game on Labor Day weekend. You see the numbers. Living Social has only sold 433 tickets in at least 15 days. Is that good?

This is supposed to be the marquee kickoff game for the 2014 season and Dallas can’t sell 80,000 tickets (seating capacity) to see the Heisman winner.

Maybe people don’t want to bother since this one will be a blowout thanks to the Cowboys’ terrible defense that lacks anything resembling a secondary. The Seminoles are favored by 17.5. Why spend $85 for one ticket when you can go to the bar, drop $50 and leave at halftime?

College football as you used to know it is in big trouble when Michigan is selling tickets on Living Social, LSU is doing the same and Hawaii says it might just cut its program because of budget issues. It’s not going to be pretty when the bubble bursts on college athletics.




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