Oregon State Football Team Pulls Out Slip ‘N Slide After Practice

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Big time college football can be stressful. With so much time and money tied up in the sport, it can be difficult for players to learn how to relax and actually enjoy hanging around with teammates.

That’s what makes this video from the Oregon State Football team so awesome. After a recent practice, the coaches and players pulled out a giant white tarp, flooded it with water and oil, and spent the rest of the afternoon sliding around.

Senior Defensive End Dylan Wynn might have had the most fun, as he seized control of the giant water hose and proceeded to blast every player that came into his path.

Despite ranking 3rd in the FBS in Passing Yards last season, the Beavers only finished 7-6. Wynn and the rest of the squad hope to improve on that mark this season, which starts August 30th against Portland State.

H/T Yahoo Sports