Gunn Yang Isn’t Touching Your Disgusting Hand




Two things about this one after Gunn Yang won today’s U.S. Amateur Championship:

• Gunn Yang is a great golfer name

• Gunn Yang might be one of those guys, like Howie Mandel, who doesn’t like shaking hands for sanitary reasoning. I couldn’t find anything official in his bio.

Maybe Gunn was just in a daze after winning this prestigious tournament as the 776th ranked amateur IN THE WORLD. I wouldn’t shake the guy’s hand either. I’d want to start doing shots to take the edge off. You know, do some shots to just get your mind right that you walked into Atlanta and stole the USGA’s trophy.

The guy has 103 Twitter followers and has only tweeted four times in four years. He doesn’t even know who is controlling his body right now.

He posted this and then went out and wont the whole damn thing:

Picture 1



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