Puerto Rico Little League Giant Erick Figueroa Looking Like Miguel Cabrera



I hate to put extra pressure on Puerto Rican Little League World Series sensation Erick Figueroa (6-4, 229-lb.) like this, but the kid — batting 9th — looked like Miguel Cabrera out there today in a 16-3 route of Australia. There’s always one breakout star at the LLWS, but we’re lucky enough to have two. You want ratings gold? How about Mo’ne Davis, the girl from Philly, pitching to Cabrera Jr. in the LLWS championship game.

I’d watch.

You guys know the deal: There’s usually one giant kid at the LLWS who is incredibly awkward for his age, but might be massive and made the team because he hits a home run here and there. That’s not Figgy. That’s what I’m calling him from now on because I’m going to butcher that last name.

Figgy is a professional hitter at 13. You know how these MLB teams have Caribbean scouting services looking for kids at 9? Figgy has to be on their list for an academy gig. You throw $1k at Figgy after the LLWS and see what he turns into. Maybe by 17 you send him north and he’s jacking dongs for Round Rock. One thing leads to another and he’s batting fourth for the Rangers at 19.

The swing is there. Uses all parts of the park. A shift is useless against that swing. He’s an early Little League World Series Triple Crown threat.