Cowboys 2015 World Champs Tat, Kelly Nash w/Mr. Happy & Anus Burger


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I take back everything I said to Mrs. BC about Mrs. Doubtfire 2 being a dumb idea for Robin Williams and how forced it seemed to make a sequel. Now comes word that the movie will likely be canceled with the news of his death. I’d gladly take a Doubtfire 2 for that guy to be around to live a depression-free life.

Moving along … the Detroit Tigers (with the last three Cy Young Winners and Cabrera) are now chasing the Kansas City Royals for the Central division. THE ROYALS! K.C. has won 8 in a row and the Tigers are a complete mess.

From @ESPNStatsInfo:

Royals were 8 games out of 1st place in AL Central on July 21. They have gone 16-3 since to move into division lead

Busted is better off with KC in the playoffs. These are the same people who root for the Chiefs. Of course that means they’ll be a drunken mess down the stretch, making amazing videos and doing shit that will go viral. Usually I’m a Tigers fan, but right now I’m thinking about the BC business model.

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