Katherine Webb’s New Dog, Multiple Interns Fired & Colt McCoy Sighting


morning twitpics


What a relaxing weekend I had. Can’t say the same thing for the chick I saw who nearly puked on her boyfriend as she was walking onto the Miller Ferry for the ride from Put-In-Bay on Lake Erie back to the mainland. She just kept walking as she was puking — and she was getting on the 7:30 p.m. ferry. That’s just another solid day at PIB where if you’re not puking by 7:30, it really wasn’t a successful day.

I’ve had a number of you wonder where the NSFW Black Dudes are on the Tony Stewart case. That will happen today. Thought I’d give it 24 hours before the NSFW Black Dudes analyzed such a serious situation. Remember, there’s very little humor in a guy being hit and dragged to his death.

In college football gambling news, from @Johnny_Detroit:

$100 to win Big Ten Championship pays: $120 Ohio State, $370 Michigan State, $450 Wisconsin, Nebraska $1,200, Iowa $1,300 & Michigan $1,400.

How don’t you play Michigan State here? The Spartans B1G road games: Purdue, Indiana, Maryland and Penn State. That’s not exactly murderers row.

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