Shaggy 69 Eagles Jersey, Skinny Mangino & Bills 74…Carolina 10


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I’ve spent five months getting up on Monday morning with jack shit for Morning Screencaps. Then preseason football rolls around and everything is back to normal. It doesn’t get much better than a Mark Mangino and Ralph Friedgen showdown, plus Jim Miller’s chin nuts on display last night during the Bears game. And what about a Shaggy 69 jersey popping up at the Eagles game.

I’m asked every now and then what is the biggest time of year for BC. It’s not even a competition. The NFL is simply a machine. You guys can’t get enough of this shit. I wake up knowing from Aug. 1 until around February 10 that there will be some sort of amazing shit from NFL fans. Take tonight, for example. The Browns are in Detroit for John Manziel’s debut. It will be madness. I looked on Ticketmaster and found that all 100 level tickets had been sold out. I’ve been to Lions preseason games when there were 30 empty rows in every section of the 100 level.

The place will be insane tonight. I’ll be at Put-In-Bay. You have to have some priorities in the summer.

Meanwhile, here’s a meaningless stat for Eagles fan to freak out over.


Nick Foles had as many interceptions (2) in Friday’s preseason game against the Bears as he did in the entire 2013 season.

PHI talk radio will get days of material out of this.

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