Leanne Massey Got An Engagement Ring From 49ers Bruce Miller



It’s no secret we’ve been big fans of Leanne Massey and Bruce Miller for the last two years. She’s pretty hot, he’s a decent 49ers fullback and they are the West Coast version of the Staffords. They’re fun, seem to party their asses off and Leanne posts great photos that are Busted Coverage material.

Well….the big news over the weekend was that Massey (@_Leannimal) got a ring from Bruce. She finally sucked in the 6’2, 248 pound battering ram. Let’s be honest, it was the right and only thing for Bruce to do at this point.

Massey posted on IG:

Can’t hold it in any longer…we are getting hitched my friends!! #fiancewhattt #offthemarket #oncloudnine

And she made sure the photo had her boobs spilling out all over your screen. I’m telling you guys, get on the bandwagon now.