Meet Leanne Massey – Girlfriend Of 49ers Fullback Bruce Miller

BC reader Josh W. thinks it’s about time you guys know what’s going on in the girlfriend department with the 49ers. Of course you know all about Garrett Celek and Sarah Hinton because BC told you about this former Hooters waitress way back in 2012. And you know all about Colt McCoy’s wife.

The name you haven’t heard of is Leanne Massey, girlfriend of 6-2, 248-pound battering ram fullback Bruce Miller.

With only 105 followers for @_Leannimal, Bruce’s girlfriend has flown under the radar. Something tells me that’s about to change. As for background info on Ms. Massey, we have none and you probably don’t care.

You gotta give Miller, a guy who has carried the ball exactly 11 times in three years (33 catches in three years), credit for scoring a chick the caliber of Massey. Most of the times these chicks want Kaepernick or a member of the Giants with f-you money. Not Massey. She is dating a stud fullback making $480,613 a year.

Good for these two.

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