Kate Upton Pretty Much Begging Justin Verlander To Marry Her

I’ve seen women begging for an engagement ring and then I saw what Kate Upton did late last night on Instagram. The old dog trick. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. You beg your boyfriend for a dog, which really means she’s ready to get responsible, get married and have kids. Just think of your friends who’ve been through this. Happens all the time.
And it’s not a stupid move on her part. If you get in now, the getting is good. JV will make $28,000,000 from 2015 through the 2019 series. Upton would be 27 at the end of that contract, and if she wanted out there would be plenty of money to split in a Michigan court. So you come in with the dog tactic.
Pageviews is lonely at JV’s house when he’s off playing for the Tigers. He starts to feel guilty that the most desirable woman in the world is at his house and needs a companion. Boom — Kate gets the dog.
According to Match.com:

Moving in together is a significant step in your relationship; you’ve advanced your romance and are enjoying a whole new stage in both of your lives. Once you’ve successfully made such progress, it’s natural to think about the ways in which you can strengthen your bonds.
If you’re not yet ready for children but would like a shared responsibility and something to nurture together, a pet is a wonderful addition to any loving home and this could perhaps be an option for your relationship.

Check. Check. Check. Check.
Meanwhile, Verlander has been better this month (3-2) with Upton in tow around the country, but the ERA is still a bloated 4.79. Would getting Pageviews a dog be a total disaster for Tigers fans? I actually think this could be a good thing. She might not want to go on the road as much because of the puppy at home. Hell, you really want to keep her busy in suburban Michigan? Buy her a dog and a horse. You’ll never see her at another Tigers game. We all know how much she loves horses.

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