Meet Brian Urlacher's Girlfriend Jennipher Frost

I was going through my normal morning searches for NFL celebrities when I just happened across a fan photo of Brian Urlacher at Disney. Then I realized the brunette with Urlacher was his girlfriend, Jennipher Frost. Big news? Not really, but I know you guys love this stuff so here we go.
Frost is best known — I guess — as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model and for having a “p” in her first name instead of the normal “f.” Seriously, that’s how her parents spelled it.

According to her LinkedIn account, Frost has worked in a variety of areas at Vegas pools, restaurants and clubs. You get the idea. Clubs hire her to be hot and bring in big customers. Now her boyfriend is none other than one of Fox Sports 1’s biggest NFL analysts. With that comes the perks like going to Disney in July.
Dreams do come true for models these days.
[via @Taytay004]

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