Dee Milliner Runs His Mouth, Promptly Gets Abused On Twitter

When you think about the top cornerbacks in the NFL, there are a few key names that come to mind.
Darrelle Revis, despite his recent injury history, is certainly part of the discussion. Patrick Peterson is a freak athlete that has shutdown corner potential. Joe Haden is already considered by many to be a shutdown corner. Richard Sherman would certainly tell you that he’s the best, and outside of Michael Crabtree, there aren’t many people out there who would disagree.
But Dee Milliner?

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In an interview with the NY Post, the 2nd year Jets CB boldly came out saying he thinks he’s the best corner in the entire NFL:
“I’m not going to say somebody that plays the same position is better than me. Don’t care if they’ve been in the league 10 years and I’ve been here five months. That’s how it’s going to go. I’m the best. I’m not going to say that another man that plays the same position… and say he’s better than me? I can’t do that.”
Milliner was benched three times last year for major struggles, and despite the fact that he picked up his play towards the end of the year, there aren’t any credible NFL minds that would put Milliner in the top 20 CB’s in the league, much less declare him the best in the NFL. In fact, Advanced NFL Stats actually ranked Milliner the 54th best CB last year. So, yeah.
Twitter got word of Milliner’s delusional confidence, and the results were pretty awesome:

The pressure is now building on Milliner to perform this season. Let’s see if he can live up to his self-built hype.

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