Biz Markie’s First Pitch Last Night Was Actually A Pitchout




That’s a crafty old left hander right there. He thought the Astros had something on so he went with the pitchout. Believe it or not, Biz is now 50 and has pretty much seen it all on the baseball field. The guy knows when it’s a 2-1 count, the Astros usually start a runner because they are 24th in the league for runs scored.

You’re not going to fool Biz.

Some of you born in the 1990s won’t remember 1989 when Biz released “Just a Friend” on those of us who needed a rap power ballad while hair bands were the ones dominating the ballad game. Biz eventually hit MTV and there wasn’t a single basement party in the early 1990s that didn’t include this song. I hate to break it to the Internet generation, but we just couldn’t dial this one up on Youtube. We actually had to wait until it came on MTV and hit record on the VCR.



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