Jimmy Graham’s Training Camp Hotel Room Is Very, Very Pretty


The Saints are holding their training camp at The Greenbrier “resort” in West Virginia and that means the players get extremely nice rooms, probably the nicest rooms you’ll find in the state.

Just look at where stud WR TE Jimmy Graham will be sleeping for the next couple weeks. That’s all his.

Why are the Saints holding training camp 800 miles from New Orleans? Sean Payton wants to get his team better prepared for life away from the Superdome.

There could be another reason for getting players far from the comforts of their in-season homes. All six of their losses last season — five in the regular season and one in the playoffs — came on the road. So the club’s performance outside the Superdome is among the areas Payton has targeted for improvement.

“We put up our road statistics for our players and we talked about the front of the schedule,” Payton said, alluding to his club’s first two regular season games at Atlanta and Cleveland. “Certainly, we want to play better than on the road a season ago.”

The Saints will report to the Greenbrier on Thursday for conditioning tests and hold their first practice on Friday. They’ll return to New Orleans for good on Aug. 14, the day before their first home preseason game against Tennessee.

This seems to be the perfect place for the Saints to concentrate on football. Their rooms suck (unless you are 65+ and a grandma). There is a casino on-site so you don’t need to leave for fun after practice. You can play golf. The Greenbrier seems to be the perfect place to start a Super Bowl run.