Actress Bar Paly Thinks Tony Romo Is A ‘Sports Legend’





While everyone, including us, have been sweating Johnny Manziel doing his thing in Vegas, Houston, Boston, etc., a guy with just one playoff victory is out working on a movie set this week. You can see what actress/model Bar Paly posted on Insty. Tony Romo, a “sports legend,” was on a movie set doing work.

You think Romo introduced himself as a sports legend? One can only hope it happened and it made it onto a hot mic. You recently saw Paly, 29, in Million Dollar Arm and the 2013 Michael Bay classic Pain & Gain.

Romo’s only IMDB listing for actual TV work came on an episode of The Biggest Loser. This is obviously a step up for the sports legend, who, at 34, just might be looking at his post-retirement career. The guy already knows how to make actresses swoon over his athletic prowess.

Cowboys camp officially opens tomorrow.

One of Bar’s famous movie scenes:

Picture 3


Maybe you remember The Rock snorting coke off Bar’s ass in Pain & Gain — 1:40 mark:


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