The 5 Best Reactions to MLB’s Ryan Braun Tweet

The MLB social team sent out the below tweet comparing Ryan Braun to Willie Mays Hayes on Sunday.

Ryan Braun or Willie Mays Hayes?

— MLB (@MLB) July 20, 2014

People either didn’t understand the Major League reference, or they’re genuinely offended that MLB would compare Braun to the beloved movie character.


@mlb Liar and cheater. Please don’t compare him to Willie Mays ever again. Thanks. — Joe Harrington (@Joes0s) July 20, 2014


@Joes0s @MLB don’t compare Willie Mays Hayes to that cheating juicer — Bryan Campbell (@btcampbell83) July 20, 2014


@MLB piece of shit is more like it. — Robert Ramirez (@tinylittlerob) July 20, 2014


Or just a cheater who cheats. “@MLB: Ryan Braun or Willie Mays Hayes?” — Kristy in DC (@kristyindc) July 20, 2014


@MLB How about Roidy McCheaterton.

— Andy Oeth (@AndyOeth) July 20, 2014

h/t Deadspin