Katherine Webb's Honeymoon Bikini

And now AJ McCarron can start his NFL career as a Cincinnati Bengals backup. His honeymoon with K-Webb is over and now the couple can officially get down to living life in Cincy, where they’ll spend a couple years before AJ will be released and ends up signing autographs and appearing in reality shows for a living.
Katherine McCarron posted this Sunday on IG:

@official_minkpink bikini Thank you @siswim! Loved wearing it on my honeymoon

This is when it gets hard for newlyweds in the Not For Long. These chicks spend like eight months planning a fairy tale wedding where they have 10 bridesmaids, a reality TV crew and Alabama media hiding in bushes to take photos. The buzzkill comes when you get off that plane in Cincy and realize it’s all over.
Good luck, kids.

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