Charlotte McKinney Just Put Kate Upon On Notice




And there it is. One photo that puts a bikini model on the map. One photo that takes a bikini model to the next level. One photo that tells Kate Upton to move along, there is a new rack in town that’s about to dominate the bikini game. Kate is now 22. Her run needed to come to an end.

Charlotte McKinney (IG) posted this one less than an hour ago and I’m confident that this single photo will turn McKinney into the next great Sports Illustrated bikini model. There are Internet moments when, after spending seven years at this job, you know something is about to explode. This is Charlotte’s year. She’s officially a star.

This is the kind of photo that can lead to dating an NFL quarterback. One minute you’re shooting a photo on a Miami beach, the next minute you’re being pursued by MLB Cy Young winners. You know who should be on the phone to McKinney’s reps? Dougie McBuckets’ reps. Maybe he’s already married, I don’t know.

Just look at the bio:

• Was 20 as of May 1

• Florida born

• Dropped out of school at 17 because girls were mean to her

• “Comfortable in her own skin,” according to Esquire

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