Instagram Bikini Model Of The Day: Danielle Knudson


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I’ve been behind on the normal IG Bikini Model of the Day posts, so I thought today was a perfect day to get back into the routine. The Coed Media crew in the NYC office has deployed a new gallery and we need some feedback on how it’s working. Some of you have already started bitching to me via email.

What I need to know: are you using a mobile device or a desktop? What browser are you using? What is the issue? Send complaints to the inbox:

Now, let’s meet Danielle Knudson, a Canadian model/bikini model, who works for the Wilhelmina agency. She’s originally from Red Deer, Alberta, a small city between Edmonton and Calgary. She only has 41,000 Instagram followers, but that’s all going to change over the rest of this year. She’s working for Guess and keeps posting insane photos by the day.

You’ve been warned.

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