Meet Delayne Collins — The Bikini Bassmaster



I had a conversation today with the guy who pays my paycheck on a bi-weekly basis. We were having a conversation about social media and what it means to have 3 million+ followers like a CBS News vs. Busted Coverage with 41k followers. CBS can tweet out some news story and get 10 RTs out of all those followers and the account is a complete bore.

Meanwhile, I can go about my business on Twitter, get a few death threats, have guys call me gay and/or a virgin who has trouble with women and then have a guy tell me I need to look into a woman named Delayne Collins (, who is into bass fishing.

That’s how odd my days are. That’s what makes it exciting to get up each day and go to work. I have no idea who will want to kill me and who will send me tips on a Bikini Bassmaster.

So let’s look into Delayne:

• Tells me the biggest bass she’s caught weighed in around 9 1/2 pounds

• Favorite place to fish is Holiday Park in the Everglades

• Dolphins fan

• Florida State grad

How she catches such big fish —

Definitely flipping. Being able to flip gives me a great advantage over other bass fishers to be able to catch such big fish.  It’s not just about the lure that you use, but the technique used as well that helps you overall.

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