Bama Fan Saves His Money For Two Years To Buy $300 Ring Hat


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Remember when your parents would make you save your money to buy something you really wanted that they wouldn’t spend their money on? Meet Alabama fan Shannon Villa. He’s that kid, albeit one with a ragged mustache and beard who walks around wearing an Alabama BCS ring hat.

Shannon saved his pennies to buy that hat, according to Birmingham’s NBC 13.

Alabama’s turn at SEC Media Days is not until Thursday. But the Crimson Tide were still represented with a familiar face and ring.

“Thursday when Alabama comes, I’m going to be out of town.” Shannon Villa said. “So what better day to come than on Auburn’s day.”

Villa made his first SEC Media Day appearance last year, along with his title ring hat that cost him $300.

“I saw one at the LSU-Alabama team, 1 versus 2, I couldn’t resist. I had to buy one. It took me two years to save my money.”

Think of how happy Shannon was the day he finally slapped down that final few dollars to get his ring hat. Think of the smile across his face. You know who could learn a few life lessons from Shannon: politicians. Shannon actually saves his money to buy things. He actually works hard for his BCS ring hats.

Roll Tide, Shannon. ROLL TIDE.

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