Skinny Barry Bonds Went For A Ride Today




It’s been a few months since we’ve checked in with Barry Bonds so I figured you guys would want to see what the Home Run King is up to this weekend. As you know, the Tour de France is going on so bicycling freak Bonds is obviously in the mood to spin a few miles.

It’s pretty hard to believe those legs turn 50 in 12 days. Three months ago he was wearing these skinny jeans.

It looks like the guy wouldn’t have a problem climbing the Pyrenees. Tell me NBCSN wouldn’t get insane ratings if you had a Barry Bonds-Lance Armstrong (42) team in the Tour de France. It would be huge. Let both of them dope and see where they finish. People would be absolutely glued to the TV.

You can’t tell me people wouldn’t want to see Bonds climbing some wet cobblestone road in the middle of nowhere France. I’ll guarantee he wouldn’t finish in last place.

[via @ashleynarciso]


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