Kelly Hall-Stafford Had Fun Over The 4th




As is well documented on BC, we’ve been huge fans of Kelly Hall and Matthew Stafford dating back to their college days at Georgia when Staffs went about as hard off the field as you’re going to see from a #1 overall. They do their partying the right way – usually out in the open for us to appreciate.

That brings us to the Hall family tradition of throwing a massive boat party over the 4th of July. Here’s the 2011 booze cruise.

The bad news for us this year is that there seems to be a lack of footage of Staffs being human and doing a couple hair cuts like his future wife, Kelly. There isn’t a wife/girlfriend in the NFL who goes as hard as Hall when she goes hard. No, I’ve never seen Anna Welker get nuts on a booze cruise. Yes, I would like to see her in action gargling Absolut.

As for this Hall-Stafford wedding, I’m still working on getting an invitation. I NEED to be at that wedding reception. I won’t even tweet about it until the next day.