DeAndre Jordan…Weed…Amsterdam, Mulder live tweets ‘Moneyball’ & Taylor Swift!


daily dump


Stuck inside today? It’s pretty much another worthless day in sports. There’s some day baseball, worthless golf and Wimbledon this morning. No soccer. It’s a good day to get outside to cut the grass, clean the grill, hit the meat market and the liquor store in preparation for that long weekend coming your way. The World Cup resumes on Friday when you’ll be sitting next to a pool.


DeAndre Jordan smoking weed in Amsterdam?

And another Taylor Swift leg show

Claude Giroux hitting on girl while getting arrested

Mulder live tweets while watching ‘Moneyball’

MiLB tats for lifetime tickets promotion goes bad

Photos of Baylor’s new stadium

The Cutest Golden Retriever Photos

Trust Me: Tetyana Veryovkina

Foul Ball Nut Shot of the Week

Sandwich Porn of the Day

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