Dufner Hammered On Vacation, 1989 Cubs Fans & Stafford Engagement Pic


morning twitpics


I guess most of you have packed it in for the week and are at the lake house for the holiday. Shit, most of you were gone yesterday at noon. Twitter was dead. Facebook was full of old high school friends you never actually talk to bragging about going to Myrtle Beach where their vacations are about to get fucked up by a hurricane. Instagram is filled with hot chicks posting USA bikinis.

That’s how I know it’s a holiday week.

Nobody actually works or gives a shit about the Internet.

I could use a couple days off from this bullshit, but someone has to pay the bills around here. You ever had to pay a daycare bill? This shit is expensive.

From @OrdioMongo:

Just visited a daycare/preschool that would cost us $45K a school-year? OBAMA, DO SOMETHING!


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