Welcome To The 2014-15 Houston Rockets Dancer Tryouts


Our old Houston-based photographer friend Scott Byrne was at it again over the weekend at the Houston Rockets Power Dancers tryouts. This guy refuses to take a weekend nap when there are Houston cheerleaders to photograph. You remember most of his work from Texans and Dynamo soccer games. He now gets into all the big events including dancer tryouts.

He reports that the final Rockets dance team will be announced on July 1 at the House of Blues.

The one thing I noticed from this tryout was the hair flipping. It seems that if you want to be an NBA dancer you need to learn and nail a solid hair flip at tryouts. You also need to makeĀ NBA dancer faces. I’m talking about the fierce face. The pouty lips face. Maybe even through in a few duck faces just to show you are multi-talented.

Seriously, take a look. You can see the ladies who’ll make the team.