I Just Bought A $14 Jar Of Nipple Balm For Ryan Braun’s Pregnant Wife


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.34.50 AM


The Brauns never sent a thank you card for the $7 honey dipper wedding gift I got them back in the fall, so let’s try this again with a baby gift. I spent more money and made the gift card harmless compared to the message on the wedding gift.

This is a new form of memorabilia collecting that I don’t think many old timers even think about. How many baby shower thank you cards signed by Ryan Braun will be on the market? Not many. If I get one for spending $21 that’s a steal.

And we’ll always have the story of how Busted Coverage bought Ryan Braun’s (career earnings to date – $31,562,500) wife a $14 jar of organic nipple balm. You guys have no idea how many bar nights end up in conversations about buying wedding gifts for famous people. I might pay $21 for a gift, get a piece of authentic memorabilia via the thank you and have endless nights of laughing about buying gifts for multimillionaires (like Braun who is owed $107 million over the next seven years).

[Buy Larisa & Ryan Braun a baby gift – The Bump]

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