Johnny Manziel Gives Up A Friday Of Partying In Houston For Cleveland Kids



What a surprise! Johnny Manziel on video stating that he wants some sauce. Only this time, it does not involve an oversized bottle of Spade Champagne, an inflatable swan and multiple half naked women throwing their bodies at him. Johnny (video below) is instructing a kid to give him some “sauce” off the line to shake the defender.

As much as Johnny likes to be away from Cleveland (LA, Houston, Austin), he was giving back today to the greater Cleveland community and participating in the Play 60 events at the Rookie Symposium. For as much shit as he gets for his weekend warrior endeavors, Johnny seems extremely sincere and involved in all of the community service he has participated thus far as a member of the Browns.

One thing is for sure, Johnny will most likely be jetting out of Cleveland on Saturday (or later tonight) to a new destination before training camp. It will be then, when Manziel will be getting that sauce he really desires.

Once again, this is just Johnny being Johnny and we never want you to change.




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