Bob Kraft Still Dating The Same Young Dime, Ricki Noel Lander

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You have to respect Bob Kraft. The guy went out and got himself a young girlfriend named Ricki Noel Lander and has had her on his arm for a few years now. The guy could’ve traded her in for something a little younger and more exotic, but he has remained loyal to his actress girlfriend. Just this week he took her to the New York premiere of “Transformers: Age Of Extinction.”

Earlier this month he took her to the Tony Awards.

Bob is 73. He seems to be feeling great. He has great friends. He wears great shoes to movie premieres. He’s snapping selfies with SpielbergThe guy even helped judge science projects at the beginning of the month. His old friends are completely jealous of his girlfriend who is believed to be 33 to 34.

Just living life one day at a time. Hate the Patriots all you want. You have to love Bob.

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