Oklahoma Sooners Fan & NDSU Grad McKenzy O. Defends Manziel Against Media


And the emails supporting Johnny Manziel in his battle against the media continue to roll in. I started the week by telling Manziel supporters you now have an open forum to express your outrage at the mainstream media and how they treat John. You’ve responded.

We received this last night from McKenzy O., an Oklahoma fan who recently ended up in LeSean McCoy’s Vegas penthouse suite while Johnny was in town.

“Some will forever love Manziel, some will forever despise him ,but all college football fans will remember him for how much fun he made those two seasons in College Station. He was one of sports best characters and all-time talents.”

I’ll start about by saying I am and always will be (unless he murders someone) a Johnny Manziel fan. I can’t not like the kid. He lives a lavish lifestyle I get that, no matter if his dad was supporting him or not many of us face scrutiny for how we live. I come from oil country and people of my age (18-25) are making 100k+ by dedicating their time to the oil rigs. You should see how they act when they get their 2 weeks off a month.

Now back to Johnny it took me a little while to discover him ,but once I did I knew he was something special. I attended the 2013 Cotton Bowl as an Oklahoma Sooners fan which I still am (Boomer Sooner) ,but it was not Landry Jones or Kenny Stills (One of my all-time favorites) who impressed me. It was the kid known as Johnny Manziel who made the second half worthwhile so who is this kid? All through the year the hype the scrutiny it continued.

I read an article in July 2013 written by Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated, an incredible read might I add. Just imagine sitting at your family supper unable to hardly talk to each other because your son has been dealing with so much from media, fans, competitors that are trying to bust his career. The temper he threw on the golf course shows the aggression he was dealing with trying to deal with everything. The saying that we hear over and over again, don’t say anything unless you’ve walked in their shoes applies. That 2013 season I was worried for him. He started out strong he fought and fought and would have probably done even better if A&M had a defense worth a shit to work with.

I watched Alabama and Mizzou crush my dreams as I rallied hard for Johnny and then again Auburn… very good teams in 2013. I watched him not receive the heisman despite the statistics. I watched him in every game last fall and then in the Chick-fil-a-bowl on New Years Eve and I was ready for a drink by halftime, yikes. I went to the bar with a little hope Johnny might have what it takes to recover and just like that he did. How did he do that? After attending the FCS championship game in Frisco TX (GO BISON)…the talk of Johnny and the Sooners beating Alabama was all that was talked about for weeks after. May rolled around and I saw Johnny go to the Browns good move Browns, hello Vikings….you need fans to attend your games and AP needs someone to keep the team alive. They lucked out waiting that long before they received Bridgewater.

There is something I plan to do and I hope one day it is to meet Johnny, not because of who he is because hell I don’t care I’m from North Dakota ,but to see the real person he will be. Is he the cocky son of a bitch that people are trying to proclaim he is? To be honest I don’t think so, I think he is a 21 year old kid trying to find his place in this big world of media scrutiny NFL players and coaches trying to fit in. It’s not easy and I am not a major athlete I can’t imagine. What the hell did I do at 21 oh yeah went to the bar and celebrated with NDSU football players for months after winning a couple championships.

Memorial Day weekend I was in Vegas, it didn’t take long for me to find out Johnny was in town. No, I didn’t run into him but little did everyone know I was playing pool with LeSean McCoy in his penthouse. Did anyone even know he was in Vegas? What about Adrian Peterson I saw him too? I didn’t see them on Sportscenter for going to Vegas? Now, your argument might that they are smarter about the decisions they make. Well yes and they should be they are older and both have children I would sure as hell hope they would be.

Johnny I remind you is a 21 year old NFL player- if anyone can look me in the eye and tell me they were ready to be at that level at age 21 you are lying. I wasn’t able to balance my social life mug nights, studying, work, and classtime let alone my full-time career. I was too busy being 21. When has Johnny been able to get the chance to say sorry guys I am too busy being 21, he won’t get that chance. Now or ever.

I hope he shows everyone what he has on the field this fall. The only advice we can give to Johnny is let your actions speak louder than words. Keep your head in the game and on the field. Post away to social media, attend that party in Houston, sit front at the NBA finals, hang out with Drake and Lebron BUT show us on the field the player you are. I am sure he is going to have incidents especially at that age but he can learn from them. The Johnny I saw at Pro Day compared to the Johnny that was taking money for autographs seemed like a whole different side of Johnny, let’s hope he keeps that die-hard mentality.  I’m rooting for you all the way Johnny, All Heil Manziel.

   -Die Hard Oklahoma Sooners fan and NDSU Grad.

(I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your articles, this is just a small take on Johnny I thought I would add a little something to the Nikki Woods article) Thank you!

There you have it, another email from a Johnny supporter. Of course I’m going to press McKenzy over what went down in the McCoy penthouse. We’ll see where that goes.

Have a Manziel rant to get off your chest? Just email it in. We run your rants as sent so you can’t accuse me of taking quotes out of context. 


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