Texas A&M Graduate Tired Of “Negative” Johnny Manziel Coverage



It seems the email from a Texas A&M student that ran on Tuesday has fired up the Johnny Manziel base. I received this late last night.

Dear Editor,

I just read your latest article on Johnny Manziel and the letter from the history major at Texas A&M. I have to say…………well said and concur!!!!

I am an Aggie alum and have to agree with everything Matthew said. I receive all the news feed regarding my beloved Aggie Football Team. I can’t open anything, as of the last year or so, that isn’t NEGATIVE NEGATIVE on this fine young adult. For goodness sake, LEAVE THE MAN ALONE!! He is extremely talented and his heart is in the right place. He has proven himself way beyond many athletes and just because he enjoys life, not caring who is around….BIG FREAKING DEAL!!

Most of the blogs I have read seem to be jealousy from amateur spectators that find fullfilment in tearing someone apart. They should spend more time on his positive qualities, rather than critiquing someone they do not know!!! If he was a poor African-American who made it “big” in the world of sports, the blogs and coverage would be much different, I assure you!!

So to all you jealous haters who write a bunch negative crap about someone they don’t know, step away from the microscope!!!……GET A FN LIFE!!!

Nikki Woods
Class of ’92

As I stated on Tuesday (maybe Nikki didn’t read that part), Busted Coverage couldn’t be a bigger supporter of Money Manziel. I’ve said it over and over again, the guy has paid my mortgage for over a year now. I can’t thank him enough. I don’t want him to stop partying. I don’t want him to stop taking Instys with Justin Bieber’s ex. I don’t want him to stop going to clubs with Texas socialites.

You will never find Busted Coverage tearing apart Johnny Football. That is the dumbest thing a blog could do. The guy is a national treasure.

I sent a message to get clarification from Nikki on what she means by the coverage would be different for a black kid who made it “big.”

Do you have a beef with Busted Coverage over the Johnny Manziel coverage? Have you had enough? Are we really picking on Manziel? What are his positive qualities? I publish the emails just as you send them so get angry. Let it all out. 




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