Texas A&M Student Tired Of The "Negative" Johnny Manziel Coverage

Matthew McN., a Texas A&M senior History major who is “looking into law school for Fall of 2015,” called us out yesterday for Johnny Manziel Watch. There was a breaking point for Tebow supporters and there’s a breaking point for Manziel supporters.
From Matthew:

I have been reading busted coverage for some time and found some of the articles interesting, however I find that Busted Coverage among other news sites covers far too many negative Johnny Manziel stories and creates a false persona. As a Texas A&M student I disagree with the disproportionate negative attention Johnny has received.
From what I have read, it seems the media scrutinizes Manziel off the filed life far more than any other player in recent memory…..even in the age of Twitter and Instagram current players do not nearly face the same type of scrutiny.  In an NFL with over 1,500 players there are many athletes who are alcoholics , drug abusers, or have gotten in criminal activity without the magnifying glass that Manziel has.  A couple examples I can think of are Rob Gronkowski and Ray Rice for instance.  Rob was with Manziel in Vegas over the Memorial Day Weekend but did not nearly receive as much negative attention for his trip.  Ray Rice a prominent Baltimore Ravens player, assaulted his wife and drug her out of an elevator and while It received some attention, it did not receive nearly the same type of attention Manziel has gotten for far less severe actions.

If there is such a demand for Manziel news, why not focus on the positive things he has done in life as well?…….Johnny has worn a bracelet for the last two years and has spent time with Charlie Dina, a cancer survivor,……or about when Johnny has put in 50 hour workweeks in San Diego to prepare for the draft and show teams he was willing to put in the effort……these positive items about Manziel seem trivialized by the media in comparison to when he decides to enjoy his free time and attend a sporting event….I personally feel there should be a better balance in how he is portrayed.
Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Me: How would you define negative coverage of Manziel? What is just coverage and what is negative coverage?

I would define negative coverage of Manziel as the numerous articles displayed of him at a club or partying.  In many of these pictures, Manziel is simply smiling or taking pictures with fans and does not look intoxicated in the vast majority of the pictures of videos of him in clubs.   Often the media will use stories like this to  fuel his party boy image and to show that “he is not committed to the game” or “not taking it seriously enough”….

I personally do not see anything wrong or newsworthy with Manziel enjoying his free time as he is committed to football….many of his Texas A&M coaches and teammates spoke highly of him and his work ethic…….the same situation in Cleveland in which he told his coach prior to leaving that he was going to Vegas and the coach was fine with it…..I would say just coverage of Manziel would be to include the positive aspects of his character as well instead of focusing on solely what will bring the most controversy…..I believe a large part of the reason as to why Manziel supporting Charlie Dina was not nearly covered as much as when he goes to a club, is because Manziel going out clubbing brings much more debate and controversy as opposed to supporting a child with cancer(.)

I will remind Matthew that BC isn’t trying to fuel anything. We simply show the fun an athlete is having and let readers form their own opinions of that athlete. In fact, we support athletes who like to party because that’s what people want to see, which equals pageviews, which equals a paycheck, which equals paying my mortgage. I would be the first guy to buy Johnny a drink as a thank you for paying my bills over the years. Many, many people owe Johnny a bunch of drinks for partying his ass off.
Negative? I don’t think BC could be any more positive towards Johnny partying. I don’t want the party to end — ever.
Are you angry with our John Manziel coverage? Do you feel like BC is picking on Manziel? Let us know. We love hearing from Johnny’s fans.
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