FBI Hunting “Hypnotist Bandit” Bank Robber … Who Is An Eagles Fan




The FBI is looking for a guy, who is an Eagles fan, for a bank robbery Friday that they’re attributing to the “Hypnotist Bandit.” What makes a guy a Hypnotist Bandit? The guy makes major eye contact with the bank tellers in each case, according to the FBI.

KTLA reports:

The Hypnotist Bandit was suspected in two bank robberies on June 3 in the cities of South El Monte and Temple City as well as a third robbery in Pasadena on May 27, according to a news release from the FBI.

The man got his nickname based on descriptions by tellers indicating that he “stared at them and continued to make eye contact during the robbery,” the release stated.

The man also passed a note and, in at least one robbery, threatened a weapon. The robber was seen exiting the bank following the robberies and, in each case, took the note with him, authorities said.

This one seems too easy. The guy gives up a perfect mugshot. He’s an Eagles fan. Is possibly hiding tats on those arms with the long sleeves.

la-me-ln-hypnotist-bandit-20140603 hypnotist_bandit_01

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