MLB Ball Girls: Meet Nationals Ball Girl Tori





When was the last time you saw a baseball ball girl who had bikini Insty photos? Never, right?

I received a direct message on Twitter this weekend that turned into what you see here. It seems Nationals ball girl Tori made a helluva play this weekend and a few guys who were watching went nuts. The tipster wanted us to see that Tori was hot and deserved some attention so an Instagram account was dropped on me.

“Outside of her ball girl job she’s a HS softball coach,” the tipster added.

It’s extremely rare to see ball girls away from the field, especially one that seems to party, take bikini photos and is hot. It’s like entering a new frontier for Busted Coverage: Hottest Ball Girls of the MLB. I never really saw a reason to investigate that world of sports, but that’s where we’re headed. Something tells me there are other chicks out there who are sneaky hot like Tori. You can’t tell from what you see on the field. Then, you open up their Instagram accounts and it’s on.

Tori is in her second year as a Nats ball girl. She worked 11 games in 2013. The process to get her ball girl gig included a panel interview, on-field skills test and analysis of her baseball IQ.

Know of a hot MLB ball girl we need to know about? Let me know.




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