Manziel Hangs With Chantel Jeffries, Justin Bieber’s Ex-Girlfriend, In Houston



So to recap Johnny Manziel’s weekend, he left Cleveland late last week, flew to Houston, partied with Texas socialite Colleen Crowley at a Houston club on Friday night, then hit up a different club on Saturday night where he ran into a famous ex-girlfriend.

Manziel ran into Chantel Jeffries, also known as Justin Bieber and DeSean Jackson’s old girlfriend, and spent enough time with her to snap a photo at a club called Limelight. You might remember Jeffries from the Miami drag racing where Biebs was arrested.

Let me catch my breath. I’m old and exhausted. My ass is having a hard time keeping up with this animal.

I don’t know how the guy does it, but he managed to get in another weekend of partying. It sure would be nice to be 21 again. I’d be doing the same exact thing as John. Partying my ass off and taking Bieber’s ex for a test drive.

Johnny Manziel’s Weekends Since Becoming the Browns Starting QB:

• Vegas

• Los Angeles

• Austin/San Antonio

• Houston

• Houston


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